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Our Team.

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John Durham

Favorite LL Beer: Pencil Thin Mustache

John Durham was born and raised in Charlotte. He attended NC State University where he studied English and History. He is an avid collector of vinyl records and comic books and a devotee of Kurt Vonnegut and Frank Zappa. John’s favorite styles of beer are sours and stouts. He and his dog, Iggy, are both big Charlotte Hornets and Carolina Panthers fans. John is most often behind the bar at Lower Left but he also has many behind the scenes responsibilities including washing dirty kegs and cleaning the tap lines. When he’s not at the brewery you’ll most likely find John at home reading, listening to music and spending time with Iggy.

Tim Curtis

Favorite LL Beer: Peach Ring Nebula

Miami born but Charlotte raised, LLBC Co-Founder Tim Curtis is a NC State University and Western Carolina University graduate. A huge fan of craft beer, the idea for Lower Left was bred across multiple visits to venues nationwide. Slowly but surely, the model for what Lower Left would become was created over many discussions and just as many pints (Research!). Once Tim had finished compiling the do’s and don’ts, the only question remaining was not if, but when. That answer came once he was introduced to Alex. Realizing that they shared a common appreciation of beers and the desire to run their own facility, Lower Left Brewing Co was no longer an idea, but a reality. In 2018 they set out to create a spot that was diverse in its tap offerings, inclusive in its clientele, and comfortable in its atmosphere. He believes they hit the mark.

Tim is also a huge fan of live music and sports. When not spending time in the taproom, he enjoys traveling with family and friends to places unknown. Lower Left Brewing Co is the culmination of his life long dream.

Liquor Beer
Neon Sign in Bar

Alex Shoenthal

Favorite LL Beer: Juicy McJuiceface

Alex Shoenthal developed an early interest in brewing helping his Dad brew beer in the family basement. Always an avid Craft Beer fan, Alex’s true calling as a brewer began around 2007 when he received a home brewing kit for his birthday. While constantly upgrading equipment and refining his skills, he entered hundreds of brewing competitions all across the country, amassing a huge collection of ribbons and awards, including many Best of Shows and a pivotal Pro-Am win in 2013.

Following his diverse brewery background, Alex met Tim in 2018 and they decided the time was right to open their own brewery, and just like that, Lower Left was born! Feeling it essential to offer old school, traditionally brewed styles as well as modern and trendy examples, Alex utilizes his years of training and experiences brewing to cultivate a tap list that offers everything from Uber-traditional beers to unique and experimental styles. His education is never-ending as he continues to improvise, experiment, improve, and refine his craft.

Alex is also a loyal Husband and Father, Boxer dog fanatic, woodworking hobbyist (he makes all our custom tap handles at LLBC!), enthusiastic outdoorsman and recreational shooter, as well as a Master Home Chef. His favorite part about what he does is seeing the pleasure on the faces of his guests at Lower Left, taking pride in his work and creating something that inspires happiness and joy. Cheers!

Lisa Rose

Product Manager

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