Our Beers - Past and Present

Battle Crye - Rye IPA

6.66% APV.  One of Alex's most famous recipes, this West Coast style Rye IPA drips notes of Tropical Mango, Sweet Pine and Candied Citrus backed by a chewy, spicy Rye Malt character.

Blix - Coffee Stout

6.4% APV.  Black as midnight, black as pitch. A rich and creamy Oatmeal Stout with Organic Sumatra coffee and smooth Tahitian Vanilla. Embrace the darkness.

BraveTart - Fruited Sour

6.0% APV.  Sour Ale brewed with Nilla Wafers, Strawberries, Vanilla, and Lactose.

Cosmic Jellyfish - West Coast India Pale Ale

6.7% APV.  The latest in our revolving series of West Coast IPAS. This bitter beauty showcases Galaxy, Simcoe, and Experimental Hops HBC586, both in the kettle and as generous Dry Hop additions. Expect juicy Tropical notes of Mango, Guava, Citrus, Peach, Pine, and Passion fruit. It will have firm bitterness and a lovely Malt backing with Base, Munich, Pilsner, and Crystal malts.

Inappropriate Haiku - Farmhouse Ale

8% APV.  Our first collab brew with Little Brother Brewing is a rustic Farmhouse style Ale with an Asian flair. Brewed with exotic Hibiscus Flowers, Jasmine Green Tea, and the sweet/tart flavors of Red Plum. It’s soft and fruity, with a complex yeast character and a dry yet fruity finish. Sometimes it’s OK to be a little inappropriate!

Juicy McJuiceface - NE India Pale Ale

7.2% ABV. Low bitterness and tons of Flaked Oats provides a silky smooth body to support an obscene amounts of Tropical American Hops.

Juicy McJuiceface with Mango - NE India Pale Ale

7.5% ABV. The intense tropical juiciness of our flagship New England IPA is kicked up a notch with the addition of nearly 30 pounds of Mango Puree per barrel.

Laser Shark - American India Pale Ale

7% APV.  Crisp and dry, with intense notes of Citrus, Dank Pine, and light Tropical hops.

Laser Shark V.2- American India Pale Ale

7.4% APV.  Our new and improved West Coast IPA. A nice malt background with resinous and piney hops and a touch of grapefruit/sweet citrus and hints of mango.

Lefterhosen - Marzen

6.6% APV.  Lefterhosen is our faithful interpretation of an Oktoberfest Lager. It is rich, smooth, and dangerously drinkable with a complex and chewy Malt structure and just the right amount of bitterness from the traditional German Noble Hops used.

Love Joy - Apricot Wheat Ale

5.5% APV.  Kettle hopped with Grungeist to compliment the nearly 20lbs of Apricot per barrel. Bright, sweet Apricot in a base of Traditional German style Hefeweizen..

Mandalorian Milkshake - NE India Pale Ale

7.5% APV.  A bounty of Tropical Lychee flavor, lactose, vanilla and Bubble Tea Powder come together in this intergalactic creation.
*This was our 2019 Strange Brew entry and was available for a limited time*

Mercury Retrograde - Raspberry Milkshake IPA

7.5% APV.  Raspberry Milkshake IPA, boasting insane amounts of Red Raspberry puree, Vanilla Beans and Lactose for a touch of creaminess. This delicious creation was made for Co-Owner Tim's 40th Birthday. 

Moe - Pilsner

5.5% APV. A classic German style Pilsner with a crisp malt character and hopped with Spicy and Earthy Hallertau Hops. Gimme some Moe!

Obsidian tomahawk - Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

12.5% APV.  It's been slumbering on a pile of Bourbon Barrel Oak Honeycombs for 3 months and is finally ready to be unleashed! This pitch black beauty is brimming with notes of dark malts, chocolate, coffee, and a nice touch of Bourbon Barrel vanilla and toasty oak notes. It's dangerously drinkable for a 12.5% ABV brew!

Participation Award - American Blonde Ale

5.1% ABV. Smooth and toasty with a touch of Honey-like sweetness. Beer flavored beer that satisfies.

Photon Ray - West Coast IPA

7% ABV. A classic West Coast IPA with Tropical and Citrus hops. It bursts with notes of Orange Marmalade, Citrus, Mango Peach and a nice dank bitterness. This is all supported by a rounded malt bill which includes 2 Row, Pilsner and Vienna Malts.

Pit fighter - Belgian Dubbel

8.5% ABV. Traditional Belgian Dubbel fermented on 25 pounds of Sour Cherries per barrel. The classic notes of dark fruit, rich malts, and spicy/estery yeast are transformed into liquid Cherry Pie by the hefty fruit addition.

Rhymes with Kolsch - Kolsch

5.5% ABV. A light hybrid ale with characteristics similar to lager; crisp, clean, with light malt flavors and a hint of fruity hops. Kettle hopped with the New World German aroma Hops Mandarina, Hallertau Blanc, and Huell Melon for a touch of fruity aromatics.

Sight Beyond sight - NE IPA

6% ABV. Loaded with Galaxy, Mosaic, and Sultana Hops, this Hazy Beauty oozes with notes of Peach, Pineapple, Stone Fruit, Passion Fruit, Papaya, Citrus, and a hint of Sweet Pine.

Six Hour Tour - Strong Ale

8.5% ABV. Six Hour Tour is our imperial coconut vanilla blonde ale aged on rum-infused American oak. Expect massive notes of luscious coconut, smooth Madagascar vanilla and a complex and pastry-like malt profile, accentuated by toasty oak that really pops once the beer warms up.

Six Foot Fist Bump - Pale Ale

5.2% ABV. This classic American Pale Ale is loaded with notes of sticky pine, citrus, and dank herbs. Its lightly dry-hopped for an amazing hop aroma. Totally crushable at 5.2% ABV

Star emission - belgian tripel

9.8% ABV. Traditional Belgian Triple. Deceptively smooth with lovely spice and orchard fruit esters of pear, baked apple and stone fruit with a hint of sweetness from massive amounts of Pilsner malt.

Tech Noir - Porter

6% APV.  A Robust Porter with a creamy mouthfeel and luscious notes of chocolate, coffee and dark toffee balanced by American hops from the Pacific Northwest.

The Pie is Falling - Spiced Yam Beer

5.7% APV.  Our first Sweet Potato Spice Autumn Ale is made with loads of NC Sweet Potatoes, hand blended spices, and Madagascar Vanilla. Complimented by a think and chewy malt base made with 9 different grains, this is Autumn in a glass.

Three Hour Tour - Coconut Vanilla Blonde Ale

5.2% APV.  Blonde Ale with Toasted coconut, vanilla and a special blend of malts.  Like liquid Coconut Cream Pie, a tropical escape in a glass!

Thunder Drum - Amber Ale

6.2% ABV. A sessionable Amber with a complex malt bill boasting notes of Caramel, Toffee and Toasty Grain. Generously hopped with Nugget, Cascade and Amarillo contributing flavors of citrus, pine and dark herbs.

Under the C's - NE India Pale Ale

7.2% APV.  A smooth drinking NE IPA with huge amounts of Mango, Citrus and Stonefruit from massive additions of Citra, Cashmere and Calypso hops.

Van Damme - Belgian DubbeL

8% APV.  This traditional Belgian Style Dubbel is brewed with 9 different malts and Belgian Dark Candi Syrup. Flavor are deep, complex malts, dark dried fruit, plum, toffee and beautiful spicy/fruity esters from the Belgian yeast strain we used.

Walter - Belgian White Ale

5.25% ABV. Refreshingly complex session beer brewed with Wheat, Oats, Sweet Orange Peel, Indian Coriander, and Chamomile flowers.




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